GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracker
Model 5090-45/45 & 7090-45/45, height: 1.5m, 1.8m and 2m, thickness: 50mm/100mm/150mm, brown or Green color special original paper pulp
Solar Tube Well 3PH AC Inverter
350 VDC to 750 VDC MPPT Solar AC Direct Drive 3 KW to 50 KW
Micro Processor Controlled Servo Matic Stabilizer
20KVA to 60KVA 3 Phase Servo matic Voltage Stabilizer.
4 Ch Network DVR
AVC792 is a 4CH H.264 real time Digital Video Recorder.
Electric Panels
Click on Picture for Details of All Electrical Panels
Automatic Power Factor Control Panel COS FACTOR improvement
AMF / ATS Panel
50 to 300 Amp ATS Control Panel with PLC Controller
Automatic control panel for generator sets
High Sensitivity in the Dark Environment 0.3Lux/F2.0 (IR OFF), 0Lux (IR ON) KPC139E HD Series
AC Drive Frequency inverter
Single & Three Phase 1 KW to 2 KW AC Drives Inverter
AC Power Purifier
5 to20 KW Single Phase with Computer interface Port
Precise Line Conditioner
45 to 200 KVA Industrial Contactless AVR
Line Interactive Sine Wave UPS
Long Backup Pure Sine Wave Line Interactive UPS 0.7 KVA to 3.5 KVA 12/24 VDC Solar Hybird Ready
Three Phase Isolated Hybrid UPS
Three Phase Online Line Isolated Hybrid UPS System 12.5 KVA to 125 KVA
Poly crystalline 12 DC Solar Panel
12 VDC 5 to 280 watts Poly crystalline Solar Panel
PV Solar Charge Controller
12/24 Volts Auto Selectable Solar Charge Controller 10 to 40 Amp with LCD Display
Diesel Power Generator
50 to 200 KVA open & Canopied type Genset Made UK
Battery Charger
12/24/48 Volts 5 ,10 , 20 , 30 & 40 AMP switch mode power multi stage Battery charger
Box Fan 36" to 56"
Box Shatter Fan 10000 to 20000 CFM Stainless steel blade Belt with tension device
AGM Deep Cycle Type Voltage covers: 12V Capacity: From 40Ah to 200Ah Life 5 years @35 ?C. Made in Korea
Wireless Control Terminal LWC-T22
Advanced wireless controller Dual band: 900/1800 MHz, Gives worldwide operation. 4 D-output, 2 D-input, 2 A-input Drail mount
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